Carnival Skeleton

Keep creative on a tight leash, or else…

During our initial design phase, we gave Roy Davis free reign to create whatever he wanted for our first escape game. We figured he was limited to a (spacious) warehouse. How much damage could he do?

Those who’ve worked with creative types already know the answer–a lot.

House Plans

Turns out building a Louisiana bayou setting indoors is rather complicated. The plan called for several house facades with balconies facing out over an interior courtyard. There was a real deck to be constructed that would overlook a swamp. Since the theme to our escape room was a high school reunion, we needed carnival games that looked newly built for the occasion.

The ever-resourceful R.M. Construction was challenged to merge different styles of architecture into one seamless whole, and to do it safely and up to code, not only for our guests, but also for the city inspectors who visited us at different times throughout the build to say “hi”.

Carnival Skeleton

Here you can see the carnival game skeletons, and past them a spooky stilt house begins to take shape. Left of the stilt house will be the home to our Back to the Future-inspired clock tower.

Pillars of the South House

Above, the south balcony is getting it’s own Colonial-style columns. R. M. Construction built everything sturdy enough to jump up and down on. (Please don’t jump on the balcony!)

Letting our Creative Director run wild certainly cost us time and money (and headaches), but we think it’s going to be worth it in the end.

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