Meet the Red Lantern Escape Rooms Family

Roy Davis – Storyteller-in-Chief

Davis Family in Alaska

With an MA in english and creative writing from Miami University and an MFA in Writing for Children from Bath Spa, UK, our resident raconteur has no qualms about using his prolific imagination to talk his way out of tricky situations such as parking tickets and the random online dating fiasco. The heart of creativity at Red Lantern, Roy is almost completely responsible for every aspect of our escape rooms. Therefore, please direct all complaints to his personal email or home phone.

Justin Davis – Principal Adjudicator

With five years of experience managing retail stores and over ten years of experience running a multi-million dollar internet marketing company, Justin has become a veritable expert at taking credit for other people’s ideas. He has also perfected the difficult-to-master art of Standing Around Looking Important and the rare Furrowing Brow While Feigning Contemplation. His role at Red Lantern is largely inconsequential, so please do not meddle with his already fragile ego.

Sharon Davis – Adult(?) in the Room

With a long and varied employment past, Sharon is embarking on her fourth (fifth? who can keep track…) career with Red Lantern Escape Rooms. After obtaining a master’s in microbiology, she worked her way into the real estate industry. Once her magnificent sons were adequately raised and released upon the world, Sharon started a career in senior care where she became co-Director of the Council on Aging Linkages program. Sensing the urgent need for some semblance of maturity, Sharon has graciously made her services available to Red Lantern.

Truck Smith – Mad Scientist

An accomplished programmer with a degree in math from Harvey Mudd college, Truck is responsible for all of the technical whiz-bangs and sparkly doodads in our escape rooms. With little regard for personal safety and a fondness for controlled explosions, it is a miracle that he is still in possession of his mental faculties, let alone all his fingers. As for the future, Truck hopes to one day own his own lab (coat). We are very happy that he is on our side.

Special Thanks Goes To…

Scott McKeen
R.M. Construction

Andy Garfield
Pachinko Media

Bob Stokesbary

Marc Kinyon

Ben Popelar