Conduit on Walls

Inner Workings of an Escape Room

Close up on Electrical BoxWhen Roy Davis, our creative director, conceived Midnight on the Bayou he included clue chains that were both sophisticated and original, but which also required a lot of tech. To make his visions a reality we needed professional electrical assistance. Victor de la Rosa and Paul Lujan from Laguna Beach Electric were integral in helping us create our escape room experience.

One electrical box had to be axed. Literally. The other had to be…finessed. And a lot of conduit had be installed. We didn’t like the conduit’s original location, as it interfered with the night sky illusion. So we had our electricians move several yards of metal piping just six inches lower! Ahh, they love us.

Conduit on Walls

During all this a few wires may have been…accidentally cut, which required our security and internet companies to come out for multiple visits. What’s a few severed cables between friends?

Corner Conduit

While all this was going on, the construction crew was hard at work laying down the lumber and creating the framework for the houses and carnival games.

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