Reviews for Red Lantern Escape Rooms

"It’s definitely one of my favorite escape rooms to date. The story, puzzles, and the amusement park sets make this a unique and exciting experience." John Nguyen from Nerd Reactor

"From the first moment walking into the outstanding decor to the intricate and sometimes outright tough puzzles, the Red Lantern Escape Games in Brea is well worth the trip out of LA, even with traffic." - Neil King from We Are Indie Horror

"Midnight on the Bayou was an incredibly enjoyable experience that tied clever puzzles and a great setting together with an emotional through line. I’d be delighted to recommend it to everyone, experienced and novice escape room attendees alike." - Cara Mandel from Haunting

"Will challenge players with unique and difficult puzzles in one of the largest escape rooms in the OC all while reminiscing about their high school days. The company makes good use of the space, features clues and puzzles unique to the characters, and comes complete with a creepy high school reunion host. This is one of the few rooms where my peers and I stayed after playing to discuss our experience. I would highly recommend this room." - Angelo Agustin from Fanboy Nation

"The experience itself was very fun, and we didn't ever feel like any of the clues were particularly diabolical to the point of frustration or rigged to be so difficult as to detract from the enjoyment. Ultimately, "Midnight on the Bayou" is a venue that I definitely recommend both to people who visit escape rooms regularly and those who are just beginning to dabble in this popular entertainment medium." - Albert Lam from

"You are no longer in Orange County, California, you are on the bayou in New Orleans. The set is beautiful and spacious and may remind you of a certain restaurant, inside a certain pirate ride, inside a certain magical theme park." - Mike Fontaine from My Haunt Life

"If you’re looking for a fun new room, we definitely recommend this one. Great design, great puzzles, and run by some wonderfully personable people." - Jeff Heimbuch from HorrorBuzz

"The thing that sets MIDNIGHT ON THE BAYOU apart from other escape rooms is the sheer size of the space. Designed to look part high school reunion/part carnival/part bayou and it's incredible. There is everything from carnival games, to a carefully designed bayou, to the details of what you would find in a high school, such as lockers, the prom kings crown, and more. I was really taken aback by how much work and detail went into creating such an immersive space. " - Shannon McGrew from Nightmarish Conjurings

What Do Enthusiasts Have to Say?

"Having done 50+ escape rooms, this one makes my top rooms! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Red Lantern!" Eunice B

Midnight on the Bayou was my 40th room and I got to do it on my Birthday! The set is beautiful and in combination with the audio tracks/lighting/story created a great Bayou immersion!” David E.

"Escape Room #39 for us, and it easily places in our top 5. They’ve put a lot of love into it, and it shows. If you have a love of escape rooms, give this one a shot.” Brandon R.

“This was my 16th escape room and it didn’t disappoint, the production value is absolutely incredible. The story line and puzzles are so different than any escape room I have done and was a welcomed change.” Carrera L.

"Awesome!!!! We are escape room fanatics and this is by far the best put together - both esthetically and from a technical standpoint that we have been too." Toni S.

I've never played an escape room before, would I like it?

"I heard about this new escape room in Orange County and was a little hesitant to check it out because I didn't think I'd be any good at it. Friends wanted to I went along and I'm really glad I did. Our whole group had to work together and communicate but we were able to escape!" Angie W.

"Wow! This was our first escape room and I have to say it won't be our last. The staff here are so nice and welcoming. The storyline was really interesting, we can't wait till the next one comes out!" Arielle J.

"I have not been to other escape rooms, but I've heard they pale in comparison. After experiencing Red Lantern I can believe it. What an amazing experience! The quality, production value and story telling are first rate. Our group had a blast, and I hope we can return when there are more games and rooms available." Rolando M.

"This was my first Escape Room experience and I loved it!! The storyline is so well thought out, the clues are just challenging enough but not impossible, the scenic setting is perfect, and the host of the game interacts with everyone in such a fun way!" Julie N.

"Very first Escape Room for me. The effects are first rate and the clues are only for those who can think inside and outside the box (probably at the same time)." Alan R.

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