Sharon Davis of Red Lantern Escape Rooms reflects on why Halloween is important to her.

Halloween is my favorite holiday; it has been ever since the 70’s when I gave birth to my youngest son on October 30th (just missing a truly spook-tacular birth date). When he was growing up, we’d have Halloween-themed birthday parties. The holiday was always a big occasion in our family, and my two sons would spend weeks deciding what character to be. One year I made a furry Ewok costume for my youngest. It was a lot of work, but was a big hit that year atschool. I still have it in my cedar chest. Another time I wrapped my oldest, head and toe, in yards of torn up white sheets to be a mummy. The only trouble was that he started to unravel while he was trick-or-treating!



I would dress up and join in on the action as well. I’ve been a cone-head, Raggedy Ann, a biker, a hippy, and several others. (This was in the days before the popularity of scary and grotesque costumes.)



My sons are grown, and now I get to go Trick or Treating with my grandchildren in their neighborhood. But it’s not quite the same safe and sane holiday that it used to be. I worry about tampered candy being handed out, or the kids walking alone. Luckily, there are several safe, community-sponsored Halloween events. One of our favorites is “Trunk or Treating”. We decorate the trunk of our car with spooky decorations, stock up on candy, and park in a designated spot. Kids in their costumes walk around visiting the trunks and collecting candy, all the while staying in a well-lit, supervised area.


Another spooky but safe alternative for Halloween are escape rooms. Many are too scary or too thematically mature for kids. However Red Lantern Escape Rooms, owned and operated by my grown, Halloween-loving sons, is appropriate for children as young as 10. The late-night, outdoor bayou setting, and rumors of restless spirits, create an atmosphere that’s spooky without being scary. Maybe we’ll see you there.



Happy Halloween.
-Sharon Davis, Adult(?) in the Room

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