Special December Holiday Traditions in Brea, CA

December is a time for holiday gatherings, spending time with loved ones, and trying not to go mad with all that “togetherness”. Some fantastic holiday activities in Brea include:

The Curtis Theater, playing ‘Christmas with The Alley Cats’ in December. The Alley Cats are musical comics and have opened for Jay Leno!

The Brea Art Gallery has their 50th annual Watercolor West exhibition running through December 16th. If you ever wanted to check out their workshops they have some great watercolor classes as well.

A fun and free holiday tradition is driving around to see the festive light displays. The Brea Eagle Hills Christmas lights are famous around this part of North Orange County and are a must-see. If you park near Birch and Starflower Street (near the homes north of Birch) or Lambert Road and Sunflower Street (homes south of Lambert) you will enjoy a beautiful walking–or driving!–tour of the lights.

Beyond that, we are always happy to see you here at Red Lantern. Nothing brings a family closer like teamwork and the thrill of victory, making Midnight on the Bayou a great place for the holidays. (And if you need a break from too much “togetherness”, you can always follow clues and solve puzzles on your own. We won’t tell.)

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