Charlie the Rockin Clock

Charlie the Rockin’ Clock & The Red Lantern

We appreciate history. Especially Brea history given that Red Lantern was named after the first movie theater in Brea. It’s especially poignant that it’s Brea’s centennial year and there have been tons of celebrations. If you aren’t familiar with Brea, then you may have never seen the Good Old Brea Clock in Downtown. It’s right on Birch and Madrona Street if you ever pass through that way.

This beautiful old clock had an owner, Charles Jarvis, who was also the clock’s caretaker. The clock was constructed in 1920 and was moved around a bit but Jarvis donated it to Brea in 1975. He passed away in 2009 and became known as “Charlie’s Clock” since has the only one who knew how to keep it running!

A few years ago, Brea refurbished it and got it working again.

Brea is now underway with it’s first children’s book, Charlie the Rockin’ Clock in Brea History’s Biggest Hits! authored by Teresa Hampson and illustrated by 2006 Brea Olinda High School graduate and recent California State University, Fullerton graduate Heather Ashlyn Collins.

Their hope is that it’s a mascot for Brea and a centennial celebration for the city itself.

Charlie the Rockin Clock

We were thrilled when they sent over an illustration of Charlie the Rockin’ Clock in front of the old Red Lantern theater which was opened in 1922 and closed down in the 1970’s.

Get some additional information on the new children’s book over at Brea Old and New that will be coming out soon and be sure to follow Charlie the Clock on Instagram!

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