Midnight on the Bayou


Your high school reunion didn’t quite go as planned… Now you’re trapped in limbo and the only way out is to help some forgotten spirits who never had a chance to graduate. Can you solve the mysteries of the prom queen, the jock, the class clown and the others before the clock strikes midnight?

At over 1,000 sq. ft., Midnight on the Bayou is the single largest escape room in Orange County. This family-friendly adventure has you attending a carnival-themed reunion down in Louisiana. Something tragic happened here in the 1950’s. You’ll discover that out in the swamp, amid the alligators and fireflies, the past is still very much “alive.”  Will you follow the clues and complete the puzzles in time or will you become a permanent part of history?

Cost: $35 each

Players: 4 – 10

Duration: 1 hour

Age Limit: 13+

Escape Rate: 31%

Fright Level: low

* Voted Most Creative Escape Room by EscapeRumors *

Reviews for Midnight on the Bayou

This is a wonderful escape room that is well themed throughout, with challenging puzzles and a terrific game master who provided a subtle, enjoyable and humorous presence. His was one of the best in-room game master experiences we've had. We loved playing this escape room!
Myung Jin K.
The game was like a story which made it so much more fun and memorable. Everything connected with each other, which made me wanna go back and retrace my steps and replay everything in my head. Definitely made me feel like I was in my own suspense/mystery movie!
Ashley P.
Definitely one of the most fun and immersive escape rooms I've done!! The room itself was very impressive, huge space and every detail very well thought out which added to the immersive experience. The puzzles were very logical but still challenging. I would highly recommend to anyone!!
Nicole L.
One of the most unique experiences that I have come across in a long time. If you want to do something different, I highly suggest this option. Very friendly staff, clean and inviting environment. I truly appreciated all the hard work, effects and props that went into this production.
William L.

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(average escape time – 55:58)

#1 – 35:30 – “Furrowed Brows”

#2 – 38:08 – “Lu’s B-day”

#3 – 38:56 – “RHAP”

#4 – 41:20 – “Korey & the Graduates”

#5 – 42:11 – “Dream Team”

#6 – 42:24 – “Class of 2019”

#7 – 42:49 – “PH or V”

#8 – 43:00 – “Jeff’s B-day!”

#9 – 43:07 – “Royalty”

#9 – 43:07 – “The Squishies!”

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