Midnight on the Bayou

In Memoriam – Cormier Parish School District Students

Hannah T. Alexander

Hannah T. Alexander was an integral part of Bayou High School. She was a member of the yearbook committee for three years—her last year as editor in chief. She headed both her junior and senior prom committees. She was active in the community, volunteering her time at women’s shelters and soup kitchens. Despite her many commitments, Hannah maintained an honor roll GPA.

William Thomas

William Thomas’s practical jokes often landed him in the principal’s office, but classmates fondly remember him as someone “who would always lift your spirits.” He was voted “Class Clown” three years running.

Alani Palakiko

Born in Waimea, Kauai, Alani Palakiko lived in six different countries before she and her family settled in Louisiana. She held a SCUBA certification and as well as a small craft pilot’s license. She planned to join the Peace Corps after graduation so she could see more of the world.

James Moore

Most remember James Moore as Bayou High’s track and field star, but his close friends knew he had the heart of a poet. His verse appeared three times in the Bayou High Gazette under a pseudonym.

Linda Garcia

Linda Garcia was an active member of Bayou High’s photography club, and a regular contributor to the yearbook. Her hobbies included investigative journalism, and spiritualism of the 1920s.

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