Curse of the Bayou


"You don't have to be smarter than the monster... just smarter than your friends."

Your former professor has been killed.  WHO did it?  And WHY?  Travel to an old Louisiana estate to find out if there is a connection between his murder and the sightings of a strange creature roaming the swamps.  Will you solve the mystery before the other team, or will you succumb to the Curse of the Bayou?

  • Competition:  Race against your friends instead of the clock
  • Strategy:  Bonus puzzles let you terrorize the other team
  • High Tech:  Not a single lock to be found
  • Multilingual:  Subtitles available in Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese

Type: Head-to-Head

Fright Level: 7/10

Difficulty: 4/10

Players: 4 - 10

Age Limit: 15+

Duration: 1 hour

Reviews for Curse of the Bayou

"Came to celebrate my niece's 16th bday. We are a family/group consisting of 8 from different age brackets. A college student, a sophomore in high school, two yuppies and 4 adults. We went to both Midnight at the Bayou and Curse of the Bayou. Both escape rooms are amazing. I am a newbie to the experience and was delighted to get introduced to this awesome experience at Red Lantern Escape Rooms. Let me begin with how creative the back stories were on each of the rooms. The puzzles, the effects, the creative plot and how you put yourselves in the characters' shoes as you figure out the puzzles and get to escape was just wonderfully amazing. Curse of the Bayou is brilliantly well thought of with high tech effects. Well actually both rooms were. Curse of the Bayou is just a tad scarier than Midnight on the Bayou. The horror of Curse of the Bayou and being split into two groups competing to solve the puzzles added a great thrill. Our group certainly enjoyed both escape rooms. I will surely recommend coming to Red Lantern Escape Rooms."
Rosell C.

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