Roy Davis - Two Thumbs

Who’s got two thumbs and is hanging out at Scare LA? This guy!

I was flattered to receive an invite from the talented Kristi Mchugh to take part in a panel at Scare L.A. this Sunday.  And I figured, since I’d be up there anyway, I might as well make a day of it.  So I grabbed my playing cards, put on my best suit, and hit the crowds.  A few observations from the Con: 

  • Escape Rooms are—inescapable.  I had discovered a bunch at Comic-Con, heard they made a good showing at Midsummer Scream, and this weekend saw multiple mini-escape games at Scare L.A.  People can’t seem to get enough of this brand of live, interactive mystery adventure, and that’s just fine by me. 
  • Some Knott’s Scary Farm sliders that I worked with way back in the day (meaning they’re around my age) are still hurtling themselves at concrete at high speeds.  God bless ‘em. 
  • I’ve decided my next ride is going to be a Derry School Bus (New Line Cinema was at the Con promoting It.) 
  • As expected, there were a lot of horror cosplayers, as well as professional scare actors.  But there were also a surprising amount of families and kids, none of whom seemed fazed by the monsters.  One little girl (she must have been five or six) carefully explained to me how you could tell that the monsters weren’t real.   

Super'ed Up Monster Kids

Monsters and kids go so well together that this writer has several comic series devoted to the genre. 

  • Lots of kids at the Con also meant lots of great targets for my brand of comedy/magic.  Though the adults were pretty receptive too.  One turned out to be a professional Las Vegas magician, and now I’m apparently bringing my Marvelous Maximillian character out to work a Hollywood party in October. 
  • Mini haunted houses are like snack-sized candy bars.  They just make you want another one. 
  • Hundreds of years ago people would dress in spooky costumes so that ghosts would mistake them for fellow spirits. 
  • And last but not least–There’s always room for MOAR FOG! 

Anywho, I had a blast.  I’ll definitely be going back next year to represent Red Lantern Escape Rooms, hopefully with our own mini escape game by then. 

Roy Davis

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