Celebrating Valentine’s Day in an unlikely venue.

Escape Room games and a Louisiana swamp may not get you immediately thinking about romance, but it apparently works for some people because a groom-to-be contacted Red Lantern with an interest in proposing to his girlfriend during our game.  We were of course flattered, but also nervous. We wanted to do more than simply provide space and atmosphere for the proposal. We wanted to make their special moment part of the actual game.  

This would require both hardware and software changes.  Luckily, we had our resident mad scientist—Truck Smith—on hand to tackle the soldering and circuit boards.

The literal heart of one of our puzzles.

As far as software—we knew we wanted to incorporate the couple’s song into one of the clue chains.  That was the easy part. We also wanted the various characters of Midnight on the Bayou to be involved directly in the proposal.   Here we got lucky again and were able to get a hold of one of the original voice actors for the game and re-record some dialogue.

Finally we were all set.  All that remained was for the magician—me—to do some actual sleight of hand to get the ring into position at exactly the right time.  No pressure!

Everything came together perfectly.  She was surprised. (And said yes!) It was thrilling, adorable, romantic, memorable—everything we hoped it would be.  Congratulations to Jesse and Haley. We wish decades of happiness.

As for the rest of you—come spend a romantic evening amid the lights and sounds of a bayou carnival this Valentine’s Day and take advantage of a 14% discount.  Good February 11th through the 14th.  

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