Effect of the Pandemic on Restaurants

Recently I was updating our “Things To Do” on the Red Lantern website; reviewing our recommendations for restaurants in Brea and the nearby cities.  Unfortunately, several of them have permanently closed due to the pandemic.

It’s so distressing to see family-owned and operated small restaurants close in our area.  The National Restaurant Association reports that in a recent consumer survey, 56% of adults said they are aware of a restaurant in their community that permanently closed during the pandemic. Another survey released in September, 2020, found that 1 in 6 restaurants were closed either permanently or long-term.  A James Beard Foundation survey of restaurant owners found that 38% of its respondents had closed their restaurants temporarily, and potentially permanently.

I know we’re all getting tired of eating our own food cooked at home.  So this is a good time to remember our local businesses and support them.  Your neighborhood small or family-owned restaurant can be patronized safely by either ordering pick-up or dining outside with Covid precautions in place.

Many other types of family-owned, small businesses are suffering during these unusual times, including those in the entertainment industry.  That includes us at Red Lantern Escape Rooms.  It’s definitely been a struggle.  We were closed for several months, during which we developed an online game option that helped—but didn’t replace—the revenue from our in-person game.  Fortunately, we are now open for private parties.  We are able to operate (at a reduced capacity) because our game is in a 1000 square foot space, and we take all the safety precautions recommended by the CDC (including thoroughly cleaning between games.)  Some other escape rooms are open in Orange County and LA as well.  If you do decide to book an escape game, afterward why not celebrate your victory (or bemoan your defeat) over food ordered from a small, local restaurant.

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