Red Lantern Family Photo

Mother’s Day at Red Lantern

Red Lantern Family Photo

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. When I stop to think about it, I have now experienced forty-six Mother’s Days. Wow! I am definitely getting older. The early ones were fun when my two sons would bring home gifts that they made at school along with a handmade card. I saved them for a while but then would have to throw them away.  There just wasn’t room for everything. I still do have a few cards though. As the boys grew up I would receive lovely gifts and cards with beautiful sentiments. Now our family has grown to include wonderful spouses and grandchildren. Today my favorite part of Mother’s Day is when the whole family gets together and we enjoy each other’s company.  

For a few years we tried to all go out to lunch or dinner, but the restaurants were crazy busy and loud. More recently my daughter-in-law has been inviting us to her home for a delicious brunch.  She does a lot of work preparing the brunch for all of us. She doesn’t get to relax and enjoy the day herself. I think we should get creative and find something we can all do together without her having to spend so much time in the kitchen. For me it’s the togetherness that matters the most. 

An idea that I like is the shared experience of an escape room. Why do I like them?  Probably because I am part owner of Red Lantern Escape Rooms in Brea. But I have been to several others and thoroughly enjoyed them even though I am not the “typical demographic”.  The whole family, ages ten and up, can enjoy the experience at Red Lantern Escape Rooms. Everyone will be challenged to work together, escape together and be proud of their accomplishment.

Family Playing Midnight on the Bayou

Come on down and play Midnight on the Bayou! We are open all weekend and can’t wait to see you.

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