Final Artwork

Voila, the (almost) finished art from Allyson.

She spent hours blending blues to make the perfect evening sky…

Then she added tree silhouettes. When the lights are dimmed for game play, you can easily imagine yourself in the Louisiana bayou…

Below is a shot with our beautiful handmade tree in the corner. Again, it looks different here with the fluorescent lights on, but we couldn’t resist showing you how much detail went into the work.

Tree Against the Background

And we can’t leave out our carnival games! Our painter did a wonderful job. The banners really lend some enthusiasm to the room.

Duck Hunt & Ring Toss

We have a just a few things to do before our Grand Opening, but we can’t show you any more without beginning to give away clues. You can come see the artwork for yourself soon.

How do you think our beta testing went? Find out now.

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