Holiday Party

Bill from HR is facedown in the punch bowl again

Holiday Rioting

The holiday season fast approaches, complete with crowded malls, annoying in-laws, and strangers caterwauling on your front porch.

But perhaps the most dreaded of holiday traditions is the awkward office party.  Have any of these happened to you?

  • You try to arrive fashionably late but end up being the first one there.
  • You have to taste terrible homemade dishes your co-workers brought and lie about how good they are.
  • Alcohol lowers inhibitions and brings people to the dance floor that really have no business being there.
  • You ask a stranger who they came with only to discover they’re actually one of your co-workers.
  • There’s that one co-worker dressed as Santa that refuses to break character.

Holiday Party

  • Uncomfortable co-worker PDA.
  • You have to try and figure out whether or not that tacky Christmas sweater is being worn ironically.
  • You try to get a drink by yourself and that one creepy co-worker wants to take a shot with you.
  • And, worst of all, you’re forced to make conversation with the very people you’ve successfully spent the rest of the year avoiding.
So why not host your holiday office party at Red Lantern Escape Rooms?  Midnight on the Bayou is the largest escape game in Orange County and can accommodate up to 12 people per game or team-building event.  The spooky but family-friendly mysteries of Cormier Parish are perfectly suited for the holidays or any special occasion.  And even if you’re not a puzzle person yourself, you can enjoy just sitting back and watching as Joe from accounting, who think’s he’s brilliant, paws uselessly at a combination lock.
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