Bored? Find Something to Do in Fullerton

Fullerton is extremely close to our escape room in Orange County so if you are looking for something fun to do before or after, here is a great guide. Fullerton is known as the home of several higher educational institutions including, California Stare University, Fullerton, and Fullerton College. It is also has a wonderful old downtown area that is fun to stroll through and investigate the unique shops and restaurants.

We mostly find people are looking to sit down and talk about their experience during the game. Some of our favorite restaurants are below.

Our Restaurant Recommendations

  • The Olde Ship

    Cozy pub with traditional and authentic English food. Highly recommend. Visit website.

  • Rutabegorz

    If you are a health nut or Vegetarian, you will definitely want to come try it out. Eclectic menu with a great selection of all types of foods including many vegetarian options. The Cockie Leeky soup is delicious as are the giant cookies. Visit website.

  • Summit House

    If you are celebrating a special occasion, love seafood, and prefer a view with your dinner, this is the place. Visit website.

  • Leadbellys Barbecue

    Excellent barbecue place delivering large portions. People rave about the pork belly and the house-smoked meats.

  • Roman Cucina

    Good traditional Italian food, Italian decor and excellent service. Some say it is the best Italian food in the area. Check for weekday specials. Visit website.

  • Hopscotch Tavern

    We had our first Escape Room Enthusiast meet-up here and they have an extensive craft beer selection. Visit website.