The Hardin House Mystery (online)


The year is 1988. You and your high school pals are trying to find out what happened to a classmate who’s gone missing at Hardin House—you know, the house with all the locks and puzzles? The house where a famous archaeologist disappeared without a trace a few years back? The house where people see strange lights and hear odd noises? What could possibly go wrong!?!

Connect with friends and family from anywhere in the world through this completely original online escape game. A live game master will guide you through a massive 8-room adventure where their storytelling, along with images and audio effects, will create a virtual escape room experience. And since it’s a virtual game, you can try things you’d never get away with at a physical location. So climb up on that bookshelf! Stick that fork in the electric socket! Go nuts!

Cost: $60 for up to 4 players; $15 for each additional player

Players: Up to 8

Duration: 1 hour

Escape Rate: 68%

Age Limit: 10+


Reviews for The Hardin House Mystery

"We had a blast! Red Lantern did a wonderful job of replicating the escape room experience for a Zoom environment. The puzzles were varied and engaging, the ‘80s atmosphere was fun, and it was a great way to spend a night with our friends." Patrice R.

"This was our 1st virtual escape room and we didn't know what to expect. We loved it. Very fun experience, great puzzles!!! Roy, the game master, is personable and fun to have lead you thru the game! We definitely recommend Red Lantern.” Noelle M.

"This is a great way to bring fiends and family together, during a pandemic or even during “normal” times. Our host was fun and interactive without being intrusive and the virtual experience is well done. Can’t wait for the next game!" Karen P.

"I organized this as a social event for my team at work and we had a blast! Our host was very engaging & made the whole experience really fun. It was definitely challenging... but I'd definitely do it again if they offer a different virtual room/house in the future!” Katie P.

Winner of ESCAPETHEROOMers Bullseye Award for Best Overall Audio Game 2020


(Average Escape Time - 56:33)

#1 - 40:57 - "I'm Not Sus"

#2 - 42:08 - "Drunk to the Future"

#3 - 46:33 - "Millennials doing Horror Stuff"

#4 - 48:59 - "The Eagles"

#5 - 49:04 - "Mullin it Over"

#6 - 49:18 - "The Puzzle Bads"

#7 - 49:43 - "Liisa's Birthday"

#8 - 49:46 - "Team Tutt"

#9 - 49:48 - "Team Sherm"

#10 - 49:56 - "Peanut Butter & Jellyfish"

This is an online game and requires an internet connection, microphone, and Zoom account, which can be downloaded for free here.