Chicken Wire Around Trees

Can’t see the escape game for the trees…

The other day, Roy wrote about his harrowing (and perhaps exaggerated) adventure driving oversized tree frames through the hilly streets of Fullerton. Luckily the tree frames arrived safely.

It was now time to grow the durn things. Roy & Sharon had read a few guides on the Internet about modge podge and texture. They also found an excellent guide on using chicken wire to create the base and branches. A flower and water mixture was suggested as the dip for the roofing paper “bark”.

Chicken Wire Around Trees

First, Roy and Justin carefully nailed chicken wire around the frame, leaving a spot open in the back.

Next, they recruited more friends to get down and dirty with our handmade modge podge.

After cutting over 200 strips of roofing paper and using an old under-bed storage box to mix up the flour and water and salt, we got busy wetting the paper and plastering it to the chicken wire.

Modge Podge Trees

It was messy work, but went fairly fast for both trees. Once the first coat was applied we let it dry for a two days before adding a second.

We got rather creative using our leftover lumber to squeegee extra liquid off the paper. As you can see from the video below, it worked best as a 3-(wo)man job.

We were thrilled to see that, once the paper started drying, it really looked like bark! With careful application we were even able to give the trees “veins” and knotts.

Halfway Finished Trees


Check out the finished product.

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